Vampire Countesses and one terrifying behemoth

Hey hey hobbyists!

I wanted to bring to you today some work I’ve been doing on my personal Death army for AoS. I’ve always wanted Vampire Counts in 8th, but, never got around to it with my 10k+ points of Chaos. However, after scrapping Chaos when AoS was released, I decided to go another route…the route of Death.

First off, you can tell these aren’t all GW models. While there is one OOP Vampire Queen, the others are from Reaper and Raging Heroes. Then, there’s the Mourngul. This guy is such an awesome model. A giant torso rampaging through the battlefield, just leaving death in it’s wake…this is what I’m talking about! While these aren’t completely finished, I’m pretty happy with the progress on them. I think I will be going a more Northern theme and add snow and ice to the bases. Some reason I’ve always associated Undead with snow and ice. Then only to have that reiterated in Game of Thrones, well, it makes for a really great theme for your army.

Until next time!

Happy Painting!


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