Rasputina’s Icy Gang- In Progress

Hey hey guys n’ gals!

I’m currently working on a Malifaux commission of the Arcanists’ Rasputina & her icy gang of..umm..icy…things…

It’s slowly coming together and by painting a more snow themed force has made me use a whole different color palette that I’m used to. What do ya think?

I’ve used mostly washes to do these guys thus far. After a white base, I watered down Druchii Violet & Drakenhof Nightshade to get a really pale purple and blue on them. The purple adds a nice little variation in the typical blue theme, creating a little more dimension, which, is really hard to do when you work with predominately white models. The blue is well… cold… and I think they look it. Picking out colors to also put on them is difficult, because while you want it to pop, you also don’t want it to look too out of place. Currently, I’m trying to figure out what the pop color will be on the Ice Imps. The Windego-esque thing needs some more work to make it stand out a bit more. As for the basing, I will be doing a typical ground drybrush, and follow it up with a snow mix using baking soda, glue, and white paint. I’m tossing around the idea of putting it on the Ice Elemental to really make it stand out that he’s a being of ice and snow. But, I’m also hesitant because I’m not entirely sure how that’d look.

Looks like we’ll have to keep you updated!

Until next time,

Happy Painting!




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