Thank Sigmar! Points Coming to AoS!

It seems that Games Workshop listened to it’s customer base and realized that it was incredibly difficult for us to get over the lack of points in Age of Sigmar.

Personally, I kinda expected this when AoS was originally released. The main thing GW seemed to want to do was to distance themselves from other gaming systems. While this effectively distanced themselves from some of their older gamers, it made sense from a business standpoint. Many of these older players already had their massive armies and would buy a new kit or two when it would come out, but, regularly relied on their massive current collection. By completely rebranding Fantasy as AoS, they were able to leave that system behind in an amazing cataclysmic battle, and not only created the need for new models, but also created specific licenses that would allow them to keep this new, unique fantasy based game (i.e. seperating them from Kings of War). I think a lot of that can be attributed to Chapterhouse Games. Many of my friends know I have no love for those guys, and personally, I wish they got it even worse than they did. I understand the desire for alternate models, but these guys were just flat out breaking the law. Now, that’s not to say that GW went a little lawsuit crazy, but, that is an entire different discussion for another time.

But, onto the news of the new point system. This was released a few days ago, and I’m pretty excited about it. I have a feeling though that all these points will be released in new books, which, you’ll have to go out and buy. Hopefully though, these will also include updated rules, models, and some more balancing, which seems to be a huge issue in AoS’s current incarnation.13043376_469380939925371_4006476361830466740_n

I’m really excited to see what this brings. AoS has a lot of potential, great looking models, and overall, decently fun gameplay. Just needs to be..tweaked a bit.


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