Here comes the Beetle Lady

Well, my hiatus wasn’t all that long, which, isn’t a bad thing at all.

So, recently, my wife and I went up to my local GW store. We were in the area, and well, I’ve been wanting a kit to put together. I was planning on MAYBE walking away with a Start Collecting box, but most likely a Gyrocopter or something. Instead, when my wife saw me drooling over these beauties, she said we could make room in our budget, and blammo, now I’ve got some really awesome heroes to work on!


I started working on Alarielle, the assembly was long, but, fairly easy. There’s a lot of tiny runes and branches that are draped off of her & her beetle that are easy to break. I had to re-glue several of them due to where I was holding the model from while I was painting it.

For the paint scheme, I decided I try a more fall theme. While it’s still a ways away from being finished, I’m digging how it’s shaping up.


Hopefully I will be able to finish her in the next few days. I believe I still have miniature fall foliage, which would really add a lot to the model. Well, guess I should get back to work!

Until next time everyone, Happy Painting!


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