Aelf (and personal) Update!

Holy Moly it’s been awhile…Honestly, if it hadn’t of been for my boss asking me for some ‘interesting facts’, I would’ve completely forgotten about this blog in the mess of stuff that’s been going on. Well, first, let’s get the life stuff out of the way. New job, been learning coding, and my wife and I are now expecting! It’s been crazy to say the least with going to the doctors, figuring out what this parenting stuff is about, and settling into a new position. However, I do have to say, I’m happy. There’s been a few bumps, but, I’m happy.

Now…onto the things that I normally post about. This is a miniatures blog after all! So, there has been a lot of projects coming through my hobby table lately, mostly personal, but projects none-the-less. I’ve been getting more than knee deep in elves for my order army…and while I’ve got a ton of things to still build, I’ve been slowly chipping away at some older projects. Basically, for Age of Sigmar, I’m collecting Order and Destruction, which allows me for a bunch of flexibility with my army. While I’m not competitive in the least for AoS, it still does allow for a fun, unique army. With that being said, I will be having Elves from all sides teaming up together with my Free People and my Stormcast, as well as whatever else I decide to pick up.

First up, I have my Tree Lord Ancient. I was originally going to make him as a Spirit of Durthu, but I really wanted the option of running the formation.

Then, a more recent project that I finished was some Ellyrian Reavers from the old Island of Blood box set (Spire of Dawn for you newer players). For my High Elves (sorry GW, they will always be High Elves) I wanted to go with a more warm color, where as my Wood Elves and Sylvaneth will have more earthy tones. I feel that will be a good contrast (especially since my Dark Elves will have the standard darker feel to them). I actually used the color pallet of the Blood Elves from Warcraft to help flesh out their color scheme, and overall, I’m really happy about it.

Lastly, I have some older models that I was working on awhile ago, while I’m unsure if I’ve uploaded them before, I figure, might as well put them with these guys since that’s where they belong.

That’s it for right now, so until next time…Happy Painting!


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