The Purged

You know, several months ago, I thought I was just going to let this blog die. I didn’t have time to work on projects, life had gotten crazy, and I was actually on my way out of the hobby. However, then 8th edition came. And, well, Nurgle…and…well, he’s my favorite god of Chaos.

Two Plague Marine starter sets later, I’ve found myself knee deep in Nurgle filth and paint again.

I have to say, these new models are amazing. They’re masterfully designed, dynamic, and just so much fun to paint. I’m currently planning on making a small loyalist force in the Primaris Marines (most likely Salamanders), but, until then, I’ve been doing nothing but painting Nurgle.

Here’s the current painted army so far:

What we’ve got here is currently 10 Plague Mairnes, a Lord of Contagion, 2 Blight Drones, a Blightcaster, a Nurgle infested Rhino, and a Helbrute.

I’m currently painting 23 Pox Walkers, 2 Blightcallers (the Nurgle guy with a bell, I can’t remember the name), and an additional Blightcaster. I have another 17 Pox walkers, 10 more Plague Marines, and a Defiler in my production queue.

I’ve been able to play a few games with these guys, and I’m just loving them. Their durability is beyond what it was in 7th edition. I have a feeling I’m going to be playing these guys for quite some time.

Until next time all, happy painting!


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  1. Great work. Funny how this hobby of ours just keeps dragging us back in hehe.


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