Retributor Armour, the most expensive spray paint I will ever buy

I recently started working on the Talons of the Emperor, and well, there is a lot…I mean…A LOT of gold. Painting the gold using the Citadel paint pots works just fine and dandy for smaller models, but, for the vehicles? Nah man…even coats can be really difficult…sometimes streaks are just unavoidable. So…I did something I said I would never do, I forked over $28 bucks on a can of spray paint…


And I have to say, I’m glad I did.

Like all Citadel spray paint, there really is some quality in there, $28 worth..I’m not so sure, but there is definitely quality. The spray goes on so evenly and smoothly. It’s not too thick, so you don’t lose any real details (like all spray paint though, you WILL lose some detail). But, for using on vehicles, I think it works great.

I can reiterate just how even of a coat it gave. It’s going to allow me to really churn out these vehicles once I get a chance to start painting them. The coverage on this is also really great. I know I’ll be able to get my other Talons of the Emperor box completely sprayed without any problem. I do think that I will be hand painting the gold on my other Custodians and Sisters of Silence though, just to save the spray paint for things that need the large blocks of cover.

However, I did notice something from the paint, which, I’m unsure if it is user error or something in the mix.

It may be hard to see, but, there is some discoloration on a few portions of the models. As I said though, it very well could have been user error, however, I’ve used spray paint for years, and I’ve never really seen discoloration like that. But, I’ve also never used a metallic spray paint before…

I guess, all in all, even though it was an expensive can of paint, I would do it again if I need to paint additional Talons, or anything else that needs to be pure gold. I just remember when these ‘premium’ spray paints came out and I laughed at the price tag…now, I’m sold on them…amazing what actually using them does.

If anyone knows how that discoloration happened as well, please comment and let me know. I’m curious to whether it was me or the paint…or maybe a combination.

Until next time…Happy Painting!


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