Over the winter blues

The thing I hate most about winter is the lack of motivation that it gives you. You’re busy trying to stay warm, deal with the holidays, and simply..Michigan winters just drain me. I think it’s the lack of the snow actually staying and constantly having everything look ‘dead’, as in, dead grass covered in spots of snow. Tie that in with being a new dad, and, simply, I’ve had zero motivation to do anything blog related.

However, the winter is lifting, I’m getting into a better grove of fatherhood, and after a year hiatus, I’ve decided to start doing commissions again. Honestly, it’s gotten me really excited to be back, knee-deep in the hobby.

An old friend of mine, who was going to be getting out of 40k, decided to stay involved in it, and thankfully did not get rid of his Dark Eldar. So, over the next few months, his Coven will be getting the daemon edge treatment.

I’ve decided to start with his venoms. I’ve always liked the models, and the flat space will let me really start playing with the coloration that he wants. He’s after a color scheme that is similar to a warrior wasp:

maxresdefault (1)

So, we’re going with a dark Cantor blue primary, with a turquoise secondary color. I think we’re going to go with Khorne red as a base for the accent color as well.

Anyways, I’ll be updating this project periodically, along with some personal projects I’m starting.

So, until next time, happy painting!


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