So many projects, so little time…

Hey all,

Finally had a chance to sit down and write a little bit. A lot of huge changes the past month or so…some good, some bad…but, all in all, life is life.

But, you didn’t click on this to hear about personal stuff. You came for the good stuff, the hammers of war!

I’ve been slowly making progress on my Dark Eldar Commission. I’ve now got a ton of troops on the queue, but, I’ve been able to get the paint scheme and overall color design finally figured out. I’m pretty happy about it personally. The ‘smoothness’ of the space elves really were kind of a challenge to initially overcome. I’m used to more bumps and spikes (chaos player, so, you know…pointy bits). But, I feel a ton better about how it’s turning out.


Next up, getting about 20 or so Kabalites squared away along with some Medusae (sp?) and some Incubi.

In some other projects I finally finished, I got my Sylvaneth Treelords finished. I have two more to paint up, but, those are going to wait.

I forgot how much I love painting Sylvaneth. I love the natural earthy colors. I’m going to go for more of a fall theme for the majority of the army. Druthu, well, I painted him to a pretty standard scheme, just cause, well, I wanted to. But, when I get to the rest, I think they’ll all be following the same green bark and red/orange leaves.

Lastly, I’m running a few test models for a custom Space Marine chapter I’m going to be using for 40k, not certain on the name, but, I think I’m going to go with something along the lines of “Predators of Titan”. I’m using a color scheme inspired by the German flag, because, well, I’m German.

These guys have been the most fun to paint, especially the Redemptor, and I’m not sure why. I just love the paint scheme so much. Simple, yet effective, with plenty to keep your eyes drawn to it. Now, if I could only play them effectively…

Anyways, I think that’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll remember I have this a little more often.

Until next time…keep those brushes clean and…

Happy Painting!


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