The New Direction of 40k

stormcastextremisbattletomeeng02-age-of-sigmarI was having a conversation with a friend of mine over the Facebook, and made me realize just how excited I was about this. 40k has always been a huge love of mine, just as fantasy/Age of Sigmar. When AoS came out… I was, initially, skeptical. I mean, they took Oldhammer, and killed it. No more rank and file, no more winds of magic. They stream lined it into a little streamlined package that was, originally, a massive mess.

Obviously, this was met with a ton of criticism, and is still criticized today, even though AoS has become hugely successful. However, it seems that GW has learned from this initial failure. I think that they took the criticism to heart, and it ushered in this whole new business model. And I think that they’re going to take these lessons, and overall design, from Age of Sigmar, and put it towards 40k. Here is my speculation:

  • Army Books: In Age of Sigmar, they have stated that they no longer want to keep releasing new army books for your armies. They want to have one, and then be done. Anything new can be added or changed in a yearly release that covers EVERYTHING, which means that if you collect 3 armies, you will only ever need to buy one book. Ultimately, it makes it cheaper. I think that they will be following this model for 40k, as this has been very popular in the AoS community. This forces them to initially build books for balance. When they see something that is out of balance, they actively FAQ it.
  • Allied Forces: Now, having one book per army can be problematic for adding to the lore or even adding new, needed, units to a force. While yes, they can always add units in the yearly Chapter Approved, you don’t really see them adding lore to that. So, how can you advance the story, or dig into the lore of existing factions? You add a new force. AoS relies heavily on allies, and they’ve been able to properly utilize it to also add to the overall story line. I feel that we’re going to start seeing more Xenos races being added to the fold. I think we’re going to start seeing Zoats, Felinids (I really hope not), Eldar who have been pledged to Chaos, Imperial Guard Beastmen, hell, maybe even ret-conned Squats. This will actively expand the universe, and give players a new allied race to add to their force. Also making a prediction here. I think we will see a Codex: Kroot in the future.
  • Campaign Modules: AoS has been utilizing various campaigns since it has started. This is yet another way to see the lore expand, as we have, yet again, seen it expand in Age of Sigmar. To my knowledge, these campaigns have been pretty successful, and it gives players a more invested interested in the narrative play of the
    Will Waaagh for food

    game. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that we’re going to see a campaign of Abaddon marching on Ultramar, or, Ghazghkull marching on Armageddon.

I really think GW is going to be giving us a lot of really strange and new factions. I can’t reiterate this point enough. People have been wanting new types of armies for a long time, and the lore is rich with them. If there is anything that GW has showed us in the past few years with Age of Sigmar, is that they aren’t afraid to take a gamble on a strange new faction (i.e. Idoneth Deepkin).

So, that’s all I’ve really got to say right now. Just some heavy speculation in regards to the direction GW is going. What are your thoughts? Do you think that they could go in this direction? Am I completely off-base? I’d love to hear what you have to think.

But, until next time…

Happy Painting!


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