Slaanesh returning? The Community Site appears to claw to that conclusion

I’m just going to post an image here. You tell me if this looks awfully Slaaneshi to you.


So, it’s been rumored we’d be seeing Slaanesh again, really soon, from the lore in the Daughters of Khaine rule books. While we haven’t seen any direct notification that Fulgrim would be making a comeback, it wouldn’t be all that surprising.

My question is though, if Slaanesh is released from it’s capture in Age of Sigmar, and they do a cross-system release (as I suspect they would) and Fulgrim comes out. That would mean Guilliman is outnumbered, three to one. Maybe, the end of this ‘campaign cycle’ would result in loyalist primarchs coming back with a vengeance to give their brother a helping hand.

The only other thing, I feel that this could be, is something for the Genestealer Cult. However, I don’t suspect them releasing any new models for that faction as they are, close to, if not, the least played army out there. I remember reading somewhere that there are more sisters players than GSC.

What are your thoughts? Slaanesh? Tyranid? Genestealer? Giant Crab?


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