Aelf (and personal) Update!

Holy Moly it’s been awhile…Honestly,┬áif it hadn’t of been for my boss asking me for some ‘interesting facts’, I would’ve completely forgotten about this blog in the mess of stuff that’s been going on. Well, first, let’s get the life stuff out of the way. New job, been learning coding, and my wife and I…


Hey everyone, Just wanted to post that I will be (and have been) taking a hiatus from miniatures for awhile. I will continue taking commissions (and am currently open for any that may come up) but as for personal projects and keeping up to date with the blog, I will be taking a break from…

Throwback Thursday

I pulled out a few of my old minis the other day and decided I wanted to post a few of my older miniatures. So, for today, here’s some of my old Circle Orboros!  

War dawns

In darkness, I shall be light In times of doubt, I shall keep faith In throws of rage, I shall hone my craft In vengeance, I shall have no mercy In the midst of battle, I shall have no fear In the face of death, I shall have no remorse

Thank Sigmar! Points Coming to AoS!

It seems that Games Workshop listened to it’s customer base and realized that it was incredibly difficult for us to get over the lack of points in Age of Sigmar. Personally, I kinda expected this when AoS was originally released. The main thing GW seemed to want to do was to distance themselves from other…