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I am available for commission work! I offer 4 levels of painting, and would be happy to paint a ‘test miniature’ for you.

What’s included when you get your minis painted through Daemon Edge Studio? Well, I like to keep the customer involved fully through the process through project update e-mails/Facebook messages, meet-ups, etc. I love receiving feedback as we go through the process, and want to hear if you have any concerns or would like any changes to your product.

My philosophy is that you’re paying me to work on your project. I want it to look satisfactory and up to your expectations.

If you decided to go with Daemon Edge, I will have a short form to send you that will spell out any special details for your project. This also serves as a written agreement between two parties conducting business.

All Commission Painting Prices are determined by the price of the retail box set, at full cost. So, if you buy a box of $50 Stormcast, you are looking at $42.50 for 1 Skull, $50 for 2 Skulls, $57.50 for 3 Skulls, and $65 for 4 Skulls.

For anything out of print, we will find a comparable box set and find a fair pricing for both of us.

For anything the size of a Porpyrion Titan or larger, please contact me for pricing.

Painting Levels and Other Services

1 Skull – Basic Paint Job. This is your standard tournament level painting that requires 3 colors to participate. Generally features a base color, wash, plus some highlights (which are usually drybrushed). Generally, no layering is included in this level. I personally recommend this level for horde armies.

Price: 85% of the retail box set

2 Skulls – Basic Table Top. This is more detailed than the basic paint job. Here, I will include a Base Coat, Wash, Some Layering, and Highlights. I will be able to pick out more of the detail with this level, and, generally works pretty well for something you want to look nice from a distance, but, not too concerned about it looking great up close.

Price: 100% of the retail box set


3 Skulls – Above Table Top. This is my personal standard for most of what I paint for myself. This features a base coat, wash, laying, and highlights (which are usually a mix of drybrush and edge).

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Price: 115% of the retail box set

4 Skulls – Above Table Top + Scenic Base. This is the above table top painting level plus a more detailed base. I like to use these for hero/leader models, personally. Usually these contain extra bits or scenery includes such as busted tank doors, various walls, vehicle parts, etc. It simply adds a little extra to let your mini stand our a little more. This extra fee covers the cost of the bits used. This also includes any grass tuffs you may want to use for your base.

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Price: 130% of the retail box set

Standard basing is included in 1 – 3 Skulls, and generally features a ‘ground’ base of the type of terrain you like (such as dirt or granite). If you would like to include grass or grass tuffs, I charge an additional $1 per model.

For all miniatures that are either primary a shade of white or yellow, I will need to add an additional fee of 25% to cover the additional time needed to work on the miniatures. These colors require several layers to get looking right and smooth. I highly recommend not using white or yellow as primary colors for any horde units, as this will add a lot of extra time to your project.

Adding assembly to any miniature adds an additional 15% fee of retail price. You simply let me know how you would like your miniature constructed (load-out), and I will clip, clean, and assemble them for you.

Are you a painter and don’t have time to assemble your miniature? No problem. I can assemble for you for a fee of 50% of the retail box set.

Please note that if you want a whole kit assembled (as in all options), there will be an additional fee of 40%. This adds to the overall time needed to work on the miniature, as well as labor.

For magnetization, I charge $1.00 per magnet. So, if you were to magnetize one knight arm with two options, you would be charged for the magnet attached to the knight, then two additional dollars to cover the other two arms.

For custom work and kit bashing, please contact me for a quote.

Shipping is at your cost, and will be an additional fee. At the time of completion and sending back to you, all miniatures will be securely bubble wrapped and packed safely for their return trip to you.

I like to post progress pictures/videos, so that you can see where your miniature is at in the process. If you do not want your army to be shown, let me know, and I will be sure not to post anything regarding them.

If I expect your project to be delayed for any reason other than customer alterations (customer alterations covering all reworks/design changes/etc), you will be given a new estimated completion date, along with a 10% discount on the remaining total of your project.

Other financial information:

I always ask for 50% down, this ensures you are serious about your project. This deposit is non-refundable as soon as labor begins. Once I have this down payment, I will let you know just when I plan on being able to start on your project, as well as when I hope to have if completed.

If you fail to pay your final 50% at the time of completion, you are given 30 days. If not paid in full, or, payment arrangements are made, you will forfeit your miniatures. Please, contact me if you feel that you will not be able to pay within those 30 days, and we can work out an arrangement.

I accept payment through PayPal.