The Assassins of the Imperium

I finally took some time and painted up my Assassins for the Imperium. These guys were a lot of fun to paint. With using a lot of dark blues and building up stark contrasts to make it look more leathery, I feel they turned out quite well.

The Stormclad, A Dark Angels Chapter

First off, I’d like to apologize for the delay. Between working on a few new commissions, starting an Age of Sigmar league, and some other personal things going on, I just haven’t had time to take some quality pictures or type up any blog entries. But, I have finished up a custom Dark Angels successor…

The Horrors Rise from the Crypt

Finished up some Crypt Horrors for my Grand Alliance: Death the other day. These were a pretty fun project to work on, and went pretty quickly. The thing I love about Zombie based minis, is that it’s a lot like working on Nurgle items. It’s mostly rotting flesh that can be accomplished with drybrush highlighting…

Throwback Thursday

I pulled out a few of my old minis the other day and decided I wanted to post a few of my older miniatures. So, for today, here’s some of my old Circle Orboros!  

That’s One Big Skeleton

Games Workshop unfortunately didn’t ever have a decent Skeletal Giant. And now, with the axing of several armies in Age of Sigmar, I know we will never see the giant bag of bones for the Tomb Kings. Which is a shame really, because it’s a really awesome concept. A necromancer or lich finds a dead…

The Terrifying Mourngul

Here’s my finished Mourngul for my Grand Alliance: Death. I really like how the snow turned out, and with a little more practice and experimentation, I think it could add even more to the overall mini.

Rasputina’s Children of December

Finally finished these fellas, personally, I’m really happy with how they turned out.   The hardest part about this commission was finding a good contrasting color to make it pop. However, the red seemed to work well while also staying with the wintery theme.

War dawns

In darkness, I shall be light In times of doubt, I shall keep faith In throws of rage, I shall hone my craft In vengeance, I shall have no mercy In the midst of battle, I shall have no fear In the face of death, I shall have no remorse

Rasputina’s Icy Gang- In Progress

Hey hey guys n’ gals! I’m currently working on a Malifaux commission of the Arcanists’ Rasputina & her icy gang of..umm..icy…things… It’s slowly coming together and by painting a more snow themed force has made me use a whole different color palette that I’m used to. What do ya think? I’ve used mostly washes to…

Thank Sigmar! Points Coming to AoS!

It seems that Games Workshop listened to it’s customer base and realized that it was incredibly difficult for us to get over the lack of points in Age of Sigmar. Personally, I kinda expected this when AoS was originally released. The main thing GW seemed to want to do was to distance themselves from other…

Vampire Countesses and one terrifying behemoth

Hey hey hobbyists! I wanted to bring to you today some work I’ve been doing on my personal Death army for AoS. I’ve always wanted Vampire Counts in 8th, but, never got around to it with my 10k+ points of Chaos. However, after scrapping Chaos when AoS was released, I decided to go another route…the…

Warriors of Lightning, the Stormcast

Hey hey everyone! Today I wanted to share some pics of some work I did one the Age of Sigmar starter box. I really dug doing these guys. The detail is absolutely fantastic on these new GW kits. I did them up in the solid Gold and Blue these (I think they are the Hammers…